Why our USB-C power banks don’t include a charger (and why they shouldn’t)

As the majority of us start to enter the new world of USB-C, its universality means you might only need one cable and one charger to power your devices. USB-C is the new industry standard – if you don’t already have a USB-C device, you’ll surely have one soon. Everything from headphones to laptops are already switching and utilizing USB-C.


Imagine that every single one of these USB-C devices comes with a cable and a charger. That’s a whole mess of cables and chargers! Granted, you probably won’t be able to effectively charge your laptop with a smartphone charger. However, thanks to Power Delivery technology, your laptop charger can safely charge your smartphone – as well as your Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro, drone… you see where we’re going.


We want to limit unnecessary waste and encourage responsible consumerism, which is why we’ve chosen to make the USB-C charger and cables an option. Remember: Less cables. Less chargers. Less stress on you and our planet.


Already have a USB-C PD charger? Great! Save some cash, space in your bag (and the Earth’s resources) and simply use that one. Our A3 recharges at a max of 60W. So if you’re looking for the fastest recharge be sure to opt for a USB-C PD charger that gives 60W or more.


Don’t have a USB-C PD charger (or need a more powerful one)? Feel free to explore our chargers here.