Top Five: Holiday gifts for Digital Nomads

The holidays are getting closer each day and the hustle to find the best Christmas gifts for our loved ones is in full force. Luckily there are plenty of good options for those who have adopted the digital nomad lifestyle. These are the best Christmas gifts for those who work in remote locations!



Rodie Hammock Stand
As a seasoned (digital) nomad, the Eagles Nest Outfitters Roadie Hammock Stand may quickly become your best friend on the road. This portable hammock carrier is quickly set up by merely placing the stands under the wheels of your car for support. The Roadie is compatible with any ENO hammock and is crafted from durable, powder-coated steel. It barely takes up any space in your wagon, but offers unlimited hammock hangs wherever you go! $199.95  (Read More)







A comfortable over-ear fit, better passive sound insulation, large lambskin-covered memory foam ear cushions and the option to switch noise cancellation on or off, that’s the Bang & Olufsen’s latest toy, the Beoplay H9 Headphones. Not only incredibly functional in all its assets but also superb in design. The headphones also feature touch controls that respond to intuitive gestures, include low latency Bluetooth 4.2 hardware with aptX for full quality wireless streaming and guarantee up to 14 hours of listening without being disturbed! $500. (Read More)







Snapchat Lenses
If you know someone who’s trying to grow his or her business through Snapchat, try finding this unique one-in-a-million-gift. The Spectacles are fun sunglasses, professionally equipped with recording technology that captures 10-second circular videos you can share in Snapchat. A subtle light on the glasses shows friends that you’re recording. Included is a particular case which also functions as a charger. Even though it’s a long shot (the only way to score this Unicorn-gift is through special vending machines called Bots, popping up on various locations in the US), an authentic Snapchat-hero’s travel bag cannot lack these Spectacles. So if you’re based in the US, finding a Bot would be worth it! (Read More)






Drive Dock
Being a digital nomad and having your office on the road also means you usually don’t have a physical space to store necessary documents or files. Having your whole life and business on one single device can be tricky. Therefore it’s always recommended to keep a couple of external hard drives on hand to back up your files. However, mo’ hard drives, mo’ problems. Either you need to stay very organised and know which files are on which hard drive, or you’ll be plugging and unplugging your external memories repeatedly until you tap into the right files. What if there was a way to avoid all this hustle and you could just swap hard drives like they are floppies? Well, it wouldn’t be almost Christmas if there wasn’t! The OWC Drive Dock is here to make your digital nomad life easier. Compatible with both 3.5-inch ‘desktop’ drives and 2.5-inch ‘laptop’ drives of the SATA variety (virtually all bought in the past decades), the Drive Dock is an ingenious device that can hot-swap between hard drives and even read two simultaneously! Travelpreneur-must-have for $244. (Read More)





Professional Motion Pictures
For professional motion pictures, DJI is by far your go-to brand. The company sure knows a thing or two about stabilising a camera. The DJI Osmo+ Camera is a unique piece of art with its upgraded new features including 3.5x optical zoom, advanced stabilisation and a Motion Timelapse mode that pans the camera while shooting. The Osmo+ is a must have for all digital nomads who wish to take their marketing to the next level in 2017, as we’ve entered the area of motion picture marketing! Video will play a significant role in 2017, so make sure you’ve got the right gear for the gig! (Read More)




Power them all

In addition to this list, one significant advantage of all these products is, of course, the fact that they all match well with the LIFEPOWR A2L, the friendliest and most potent portable wall outlet to power your gear. Whether it’s directly (to power up) or indirectly (to power up those devices you use with them), they all need power! Get your LIFEPOWR A2L and the additional portable solar now! (Read More)