Tips & Tricks for Getting to Know Your A3

First dates can be awkward, but don’t worry – we know exactly how to get you and the A3 from the friend-zone to the powr-zone. Before inviting the A3 to wine and dine, let’s take a moment to go over some specs holding you and the A3 back from achieving the ultimate powr-couple status.

The LED Display

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. In the A3’s case, the LED Display will show you how much capacity is left (in its soul). To the naked eye, you might find yourself thinking: “Is that a scratch on the display?!” We’re here to let you in on a little secret – the A3 fashions a protective plastic layer on its display. Why? Well, the A3 fancies itself as a bit of an overachiever and just wants to look absolutely stunning for your first date. You can easily peel this protective layer off to have your A3 looking sleek again.


The AC Outlet

So you’ve gently plugged your device in the AC outlet and pressed the power button, but that green light still isn’t appearing. Before you reassess the future of your entire relationship with the A3 (i.e. meeting the parents at their cabin, upcoming honeymoon trip to Paris, etc.) here’s what you need to know: the A3 needs a little affection to get its AC outlet going. Instead of a single-tap, double-tapping the power button will turn the AC on (and off).


Want to Learn More?

So you think you’re ready to take your relationship with the A3 to the next level? Kudos!

Be sure to check out our User Guide to learn all you need to know about the A3 (i.e. its likes, dislikes, deepest fears, lifelong dreams and ambitions, and so on).