Quick Guide To Recharging Your A3

First thing’s first – how do I recharge my A3?

Simply put, the A3 recharges over USB-C with any USB-C PD charger!

The majority of us are pretty late to the USB-C PD party – meaning you might not have your own USB-C PD (Power Delivery) charger. At this point, if you don’t have a good idea about what USB-C PD is read our crash-course explanation here! Alternatively, if you have no interest in learning the mechanisms that make USB-C awesome, just continue reading.

I have a USB-C smartphone! That charger will recharge the A3, right?

Indeed! You can use any PD charger ranging from an 18W phone charger to, for instance, an 87W MacBook charger. The A3’s a smart cookie, so it will synchronize and charge at the fastest speed available – up to 60W in speed! However, if you choose to use a low-watt charger, expect quite a long wait to fully revive the A3.


Why isn’t there just an A3 charger included?

We’re not fans of carrying around specific chargers for each designated device. For the ease of charging anywhere (and saving resources from our sacred planet), you have the option to include a USB-C charger if don’t have one already.

For those of you who don’t have a USB-C PD charger, you can opt for our 45W or 65W chargers. Our 65W charger guarantees you the fastest recharge possible – it’s also equipped with a USB-A port, allowing you to simultaneously charge a second device. Both chargers can also be used to charge your phone, USB-C laptops, tablets, etc.


No outlet? No problem!

Too sunny to stay inside? You can also opt for the SUN20C solar panel, which will recharge your A3 over USB-C from clean, renewable solar energy! It also has an additional USB-A port, allowing you to really harness those rays of sunlight.

If you’re on the road, the USB-C PD Car Charger might be worth considering. With a 60W USB-C output, you’ll be able to recharge your A3 in a jiffy! It’s also worth mentioning that this road warrior is fitted with two additional USB-A ports, giving you the ability to charge 3 devices all at once.

Want to learn more about the A3? Check out our previous article, or simply give that A3 User Guide a quick read!