North Trade Building

We go where opportunity takes us! 

A month ago our beautiful office in the centre of Antwerp began renovations, and we had to move after just nine months there, admittedly we had more things that we initially thought, and it took a full day to get the move done, but it was worth it!

Our new office is located near three important high ways and at the limits of the operational port of Antwerp, putting us right at the heart of all the logistics and transport activity in the city.

New Kitchen 

Our previous office served us well; we had access to our favourite French Fries place, a good supermarket, the post office and the train station was an 18-minute walk. Nine months were we made great memories (and products) and unbelievable ping-pong matches, but life is about cycles and moving forward, and we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.

We think a new area for the next few months will make us more productive, we can test different layouts for the office, and since we now have a proper kitchen area (Finally!) our office will be cosier! A few more frames on the wall and we can call this place our second home, or third.

Overall we now have a more open plan, fewer desks and more light meaning we’re all working closely together. In our last office, we were on the first floor, and it was pretty much ours, now we share the third floor with loads of new cool people and different logistic companies. Plus this office has a fantastic basement, where we can relax after a hard day’s work.