Searching for the Last Wild Places on Earth with Brais Palmás

Meet Brais Palmás – Nature and Adventure Photographer


This title doesn’t quite fully reflect Brais. Indeed, he captures what few us are even able to notice: breathtaking landscapes and unadulterated portraits of mankind thriving in nature’s playground. However, the story behind the lens is one that will have you reconsidering your own relationship with Mother Earth.

A Self-sufficient and Low-carbon Lifestyle

While in search for the last wild places on Earth, Brais spent the last ten years travelling around Europe, Africa and Asia. He did so in order to get to know and portrait the nature and people who’re native to these places.

For three years, Brais found himself settled in an off-grid facility in the Spanish mountains run by Friends of the Earth. This NGO actively demonstrates an alternative way of living through the promotion of renewable energy, bio-construction, and zero-waste.

More recently, Brais rolled up his sleeves in an effort to built his own natural hut in the Guinean rainforest. Here, he was able to learn about the different communities living an authentic self-sufficient and low-carbon lifestyle.


Backpacking, Bike-packing and Pack-rafting

Brais’s expeditions are always carried out by human strength in a singular effort to reduce the ecological footprint. Whether that be by foot, bicycle or raft – he finds a way to get from point A to B, all with an eco-conscious and sustainable mindset and course of action.

The proof is in the pudding: all of his images are captured not just by using the sunlight, but powered by solar energy creating a zero emissions portfolio. Or as Brais puts it: “Thanks to the Lifepowr technology, this goal is easier to accomplish no matter the extreme and isolated conditions I find.


Feeling Inspired?

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How does Brais stay powered?

Sun20C Solar pack 

The Sun20 solar panel enables Brais to capture brilliant pictures for his zero-emissions portfolio. He’s able to live off the grid and completely self-sufficient. No outlet? No problem.