How do you keep the lights on

when the sun sets?

The biggest challenge in today’s energy landscape isn’t harvesting renewable energy, but it’s the ability to reap the benefits around the clock or during unexpected power outages for a reliable power source.

Isn’t it time to regain control of your own energy production and usage?

A Modular Energy Storage Solution

Standard energy storage systems may increase your energy self-sufficiency but tend to lack the flexibility and ease of cost-effective storage upgrades.

A modular energy storage solution (M.E.S.S.) easily adapts to fit user-specific requirements with scalable energy storage blocks. Our M.E.S.S. not only provides a custom-made solution but also makes upgrading your energy storage at any point in the future a breeze.

Designed with affordability, scalability, and simplicity in mind, meet IO.

Key Points


Maximize Power at Minimal Cost

By using IO, you’re able to store excess and off-peak energy while feeding it back into the grid when prices start to go up. Having your own local energy production and storage allows for lower overall energy costs, giving you substantial savings on your annual electricity bill, as well as an excellent financial return in the long-run.


IO is more than a battery – it’s a growing M.E.S.S.

In most cases, one-size doesn’t fit all especially when it comes to you and your own energy consumption. IO is scalable and allows you to add more storage as your energy demands grow through all stages of life.

Quick & Simple

Effortless Power

IO is the most user and installer-friendly storage solution available with only one initial installation and no required follow-up maintenance. These power packs arrive complete and PV-ready, eliminating hours spent on figuring out how to assemble or configure your system.

Circular IO

An ally to you and the environment

IO batteries are not only completely safe but extremely durable. IO uses lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4), which is comprised of a naturally occurring mineral.
The cells used in our IO system have a maximum degradation of 20% per 10 years of cycling. This means, even after 20 years of operation, they will still retain 60% of their initial capacity at which point they contain an end-value that can be fully recycled.
LiFePO4 provides a longer life-cycle and a higher standard of safety compared to the majority of lithium-ion batteries, typically found in anything from smartphones to electric vehicles.

IO Community

Being a part of the IO Community allows you and fellow members to share self-produced energy within one seamless network – eliminating the need and facilitation of an anonymous energy provider. IO’s smart energy manager and sharing capabilities optimize energy production and distribution for all members, playing an essential role in balancing energy supply and demand.

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