Meet IO, the smart and scalable energy storage solution designed to deliver reliable renewable power

Ready-to-use solar energy whenever you need it!

IO is a smart home-battery that easily integrates with solar to store and supply power around the clock.

More power, less costs

A home-battery keeps your overall energy costs low. With solar, IO stores excess self-produced energy for you to use at night, on a cloudy day or as a reliable back-up power supply. IO also stores off-peak energy and feeds it back into the grid when prices start to go up.

IO grows with you

IO is designed to keep you powered through all stages of life. Easily scale and upgrade your IO system whenever you need to!

Solar storage made simple

IO is the most user and installer-friendly storage option available. Simply integrate and connect IO to an existing PV system with just a one-time installation.

An ally to you and the environment

IO batteries are safe, durable and recyclable. Even after 20 years of use, IO batteries will still retain 60% of their initial capacity!

IO Community

Being a part of the IO Community allows you and fellow members to share self-produced energy within one seamless network – eliminating the need and facilitation of an anonymous energy provider. IO’s smart energy manager and sharing capabilities optimize energy production and distribution for all members, playing an essential role in balancing energy supply and demand.

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