A3 Global!

The land of diamonds and the magic city 魔都

What a couple of busy weeks we’ve had in our hands.

Starting with a little trip to China, where the magic we envision becomes a solid block of aluminium, circuits boards and mesmerising power!

Our A3 test units were subject to plenty of quality control tests, after all, we are venturing on new terrain. Our leading man, Dries Bols, was there to personally assess the outcomes.

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Once he made sure that our promises of high quality, durability and safety were kept, we proceded to arrange the logistics. Ensuring that our customers receive the A3 as soon as possible is also a top priority.

There are plenty of extra things our customers can expect from us, we’ve updated our packaging design and with it one or two more surprises.

Our hard work is coming together nicely, and we expect to have everything ready by the first week of August!