Giampi – Climb the Spantik!

My name is Giampaolo Corona, nickname “Giampi.”

This year I plan to climb the Spantik. 

The Spantik or Golden Peak (7,027 m) is a mountain that is part of the Sosbun Mountains, Karakorum Range, Nagar Valley (Pakistan).
He was climbed for the first time by Karl Kramer (Germany). Its impressive north-east wall called Golden Pillar is famous.
The road I intend to follow is the south-east ridge which extends for 7.6 kilometres with a gradient of 2700 meters.  

I will leave Italy alone, then I will join a group of foreign mountaineers to share the climbing permit and the logistics to the base camp. Once we get a reasonable distance, I will climb independently, fast and light if my physical conditions and the weather allow it.

To recharge my cameras, GPS and satellite phone, I will use the sun’s energy. The A2L power bank and LIFOPOWR SUN20C solar panel will be my travelling companions.

Trekking access: From Islamabad with an internal flight to Skardu, then by Jeep to the village of Arandu. From here there are three to four days of trekking along the Shigar Glacier to the base camp (about 4300 m of altitude).

Period: 30 days from late July to late August.


– Giampaolo “Giampi” Corona


Giampi takes the following items on his expeditions:

King of Battery packs



A2 L Battery Pack

The A2L keeps Giampi’s essential gear powered through blistering winds, rain and snowstorms – the only outlet insight of the summit!




Sun20 Solar pack 

The Sun20 solar panel charges Giampi’s A2L and other equipment at camp – No outlet? No problem!