Giampi – In His Own Words

We asked our LIFEPOWR Ambassador to share his story, and here’s what he had to say:

My name is Giampaolo Corona, nickname “Giampi.”

I’m a Professional Mountain Guide and Helicopter Rescuer, but I prefer to call myself a simple climber. I have done 13 Expeditions in Nepal, Pakistan and India (nine “8000m+ peaks” and several new attempts on inviolate mountains). However, these are just numbers to me. What really matters are the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve come to know and the new climbing partners I am always meeting. I share these experiences through professionally edited videos. 



My last experience this June/July 2018 was in Gasherbrums, Pakistan. I had already climbed the G-II (8035 m) twice, and my target was now the more difficult big brother G-I – better known as Hidden Peak (8068 m). As always, I climb without oxygen or high-altitude porters. I strive to be as self-sufficient as possible, keeping it light and fast.

There were no commercial expeditions there, only climbers, which was a pleasant surprise for me. I climbed with a strong and well-known German alpinist, and he also shared with me the style of being light and fast. This style of climbing requires you to be prepared both physically and technically – but who knows, perhaps I’m just lucky!

After a period of acclimatization, we fired the good shot hoping for good weather conditions, but at 7000m we were hit by a sudden storm with winds at 100 km/h. The other few mountaineers decided to go down. Luis and I tried to mount our only tent and stayed there hoping for a storm truce. The storm had arrived suddenly…but stopped just as suddenly again.

At 2 am we started our attempt for the summit. I didn’t know the right way, but I followed my intuition. By opening the way for Luis at 2 pm, I reach the summit of G-I. After a while Luis also reached the peak.

The descent proved difficult. We reached our tent back at 7000m later that night and base camp the day after. I was tired, but happy. In just 4 days, from Base Camp to the Summit and back to the Base Camp again I lost 3 kg of weight.


Someone once called me a, “serial high-altitude climber,” because I rarely don’t reach my goals… I don’t know, maybe I’ve always been lucky. But that’s only part of it. I like to think of my body as an engine; ready after hard training, and my mind as software; prepared after many experiences in the mountains. My hardware is my technical equipment. It must be essential, simple and reliable. I do not accept compromises for this. LIFEPOWR is what I need to recharge my important electronic devices during an Expedition.

– Giampaolo “Giampi” Corona


Giampi takes the following items on his expeditions:

King of Battery packs



A2 L Battery Pack

The A2L keeps Giampi’s essential gear powered through blistering winds, rain and snowstorms – the only outlet insight of the summit!




Sun20 Solar pack 

The Sun20 solar panel charges Giampi’s A2L and other equipment at camp – No outlet? No problem!