Brais Palmás – Libertad

We asked our LIFEPOWR Ambassador to share his personal experience, and here’s what he had to say:

I remember feeling vertigo the first time I asked myself, where are my limits? Because there was no answer, looking down at my map of Europe my imagination took off. I decided that I would advance every kilometre, I would go up every mountain, and every valley carried only by my legs turning in the everlasting cycle of the pedals. I wanted to feel in my skin every region, its coldness and its warmth, its humidity and its aridity; listen, smell and integrate into the landscape without leaving more traces than the imprint of my wheels in the mud.

I left without knowing what I would find, and I found myself.

I understood that all the warnings about what could happen to me out there were unfounded since ”out there ” I only met with more people who warned me of the same thing but in a different language. The only thing I knew with certainty when I returned was that, after having spent some time living austerely in the middle of nature, I could relax.

Since then, I dedicate my time to the search and implementation of alternative lifestyles. Developing skills and creating tools that promote the transition to a more autonomous and less dependent way of life.




Sun20c Solar pack 

The Sun20c solar panel enables Brais to capture brilliant pictures for his zero-emissions portfolio. He’s able to live off the grid and completely self-sufficient. No outlet? No problem.