We are lifepowr, we are

We believe in the power of freedom

Our Vision

So many things hold us back, limit us, in doing what we really love and what we’re good at. Let us give you one less thing to worry about. The Peace of mind that you have plenty of Power at hand.

We want to simplify your life. We wish to bring you freedom.

Imagine a world where you are never involuntarily surrounded by four walls, where you can think outside the cubicle, literally. A world where we would all be able to live and work, independently and simultaneously, according to our needs. A world where you are in charge.

We’re breaking away from the electric grid as we know it by building Cutting-edge solar modules and batterypacks that keep you in charge,
Wherever life takes you.

Our Family


Dries Bols

Head of the family and originating from Belgium. Born with an entrepreneurial spirit, he began organising large-scale events and created a record label while at the University of Antwerp, where he obtained a Masters degree in Engineering and a Masters degree Management. Now, with over six years experience in lithium battery technology and energy systems, he is determined to build the energy solutions of tomorrow.


Geoffrey Jeanty

The forever young spirit, originating from Belgium. Our very own pun-master who usually doesn’t miss the opportunity to make you laugh. If you ever feel stressed, overwhelmed, down or bored, he’s got your back. With tons of experience to spare, he is our Chief Operations Officer.


Alejandro Bedoya

The hungriest spirit, seriously! Do not leave cookies unattended. Originating from Colombia, his passion for typography, user interface and print design makes him part of our young creative team. You will find him staring at the screen “kerning” away, or at least that is what he makes us believe.


Lee Firman

The people’s spirit! This Swedish-American (and self-proclaimed cat and plant lady) channels her passion for all-things-marketing through liaising the LIFEPOWR brand, vision and core values to our audience. When she’s not busy with market research or spreading engaging content on our socials, you’ll find her sipping a cup of hot tea while browsing cat videos.


Björn Defevere

The real young spirit in our office! Originating from Belgium, he is part of our business team, making connections up and down this globe. When he is not on the phone with a client, he is analysing and creating the best approaches for all sorts of business deals.


Alan van Zitteren

Our visual spirit! Consumed by freelance – photography, graphic design and making commercial videos – he is the one creating all the motion and photography content here. He has been part of LIFEPOWR from the very beginning with the making of the video for the crowdfunding campaign of the A2 on IndieGoGo.



The newest member and our intuitive spirit! He is studying product development at the University of Antwerp. His passion lies in bridging consumer needs with product development and design. He aims to develop products for the future by predicting what the customer needs before they know they need it.



Looking for a new challenge? We’re currently offering various full-time positions.
Do you have the passion and the brains? We’d love to learn more about you! Send us your portfolio, resume and (if available) samples of your experience to hi@lifepowr.co and tell us why you would love to join our team.


Giampi, high altitude climber

Meet Giampi, short for Giampaolo Corona, from the Dolomites in Italy. Giampi is a professional mountain guide, emergency helicopter rescuer, but above all, a high altitude climber. He did 12 expeditions, among which the Himalayas, Karakorum and the Hindu Kush.

He has reached the summit of 7 mountains over 8000 meters above sea level, always without extra oxygen or high altitude Sherpa. A true explorer, he often climbs new or untouched routes. His most recent expedition was climbing the Gasherbrum II (8.035 m) in the Karakorum, Pakistan, which he climbed without oxygen to be extra fast and lightweight.

What he did bring was the LIFEPOWR A2 and SUN20 Pro, to keep his gear juiced up.

Maxi, adventure photographer

Meet Maximilian Draeger, or as we like to call him, Maxi, a 20-year old talented photographer from Germany. Maxi discovered the love of photography at a very young age and had been physically attached to his camera ever since, learning different techniques and developing his unique visual style.

At the age of 14, Maxi fell in love with his second passion, hiking. He has been lucky enough to be able to combine his two passions as today he is a professional travel- and adventure photographer.

He now lives in the small town of Kufstein in Austria, where he often grabs his backpack with his camera and LIFEPOWR gear, for a day of hiking, biking, running or skiing in the mountains.

Joachim, Entrepreneur

Meet Joachim Badejoh, a 24-year old entrepreneur, youtuber, model and an up-and-coming public speaker. As an entrepreneur, Joachim founded the start-up Ori Omi.

Since his 17th, Joachim is also in the fashion industry. At this young age, he was already a model for the then emerging brands Arte and Daily Paper. Brands that today are established values within the fashion world.

However, Joachim’s ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate other young people to make their dreams come true. He uses a Youtube channel for this, where he gives everyone a look behind the scenes of his life as an entrepreneur. He wants to make his viewers clear that trial and error are part of every business, but that hard work always pays off.

The Amygdala, Composer

Meet László Néder or as the world knows him The Amygdala. A Hungarian psy chill producer, guitarist and medical engineer involved in the programming of pacemakers and electrophysiology.

As a guitarist, he has also been involved in several amateur orchestras, starting in 2008 with electronic music. This landed him the opportunity to play regularly at the Cöxpón Ambient events, the Sziget Festival, the VOLT Festival and the Beertok Festival.

Since 2015 he has been experimenting with live acts performed exclusively with electronic instruments (No computers needed) which are characterised by 100% improvisation.